Landscaping Fabrics

A lineup of proven sellers that serve multiple purposes including shrub and bush protection, erosion control and various crafting needs.

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Burlap & Poly Bags

Burlap Pac

Our first quality (selvaged on both sides) medium-weave 7 oz. burlap is for protecting valuable evergreen shrubs and bushes in the winter. It may also be used in decorating, crafts and other miscellaneous gardening.

Burlap Tall Pac

Similar to the Burlap Pac, our first quality (selvaged on both sides) medium-weave 7 oz. Tall Pac can protect evergreen shrubs and bushes, but ones that are even taller and wider.

Seed Gard Burlap

First quality (selvaged on both sides), loose-weave, 5 oz. burlap for lawn reseeding and light erosion control. Seed Gard facilitates seed germination by retaining moisture and holding soil in place.

Sand Bags

Perfect for temporary flood protection, erosion control, ballast etc. Strong 850D tubular woven poly fabric with a folded and stitched bottom seam. Tie strings are attached to each bag. With a 1600hr UV rating, this bag has a life of 6 months in the sun.

Ground Staples

Conveniently packaged in peggable clear bags or bulk boxes, staples are used to hold Weed Gard and Seed Gard down.


Craft Pac

Tightly woven 10 oz. burlap is perfect for holiday decorating, crafts and hobbies. This all-purpose, natural fabric is tough yet easy to work with, washable and will last indefinitely. Available in four bright colors and packed in convenient 3’X 9’ retail packages and 3’ x 150’ bulk rolls for large jobs or dispensing by the yard.

Camouflage Burlap

This 7 oz., 48” wide, medium weave burlap is printed with the classic “woodlands” print. Colorfast and durable. Available in 20 ft.retail rolls and 35 yd. bulk rolls.