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At Eaton Brothers, we take pride in the products we offer because we know the pride our customers take in all they do.

Whether you’re a green thumb looking to protect your plants before winter or a distributor looking to stock your shelves with high quality products, Eaton Brothers gets to know your unique needs and finds a solution that will help you grow.

We work closely with customers – big and small – to provide new products, streamlined ordering and first-in-class customer service.

Treekote Tree Wound Dressing – Aerosol

Protect your shrubs, bushes, vines and trees from decay, insects and fungi.

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Burlap Rolls

Help seeds germinate by holding in moisture and controlling wash-away.

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From tree guards to garden stakes to burlap pacs, Eaton Brothers has a lineup of lawn and garden products to fit your unique needs.

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