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At Eaton Brothers, we take pride in the bulk landscape supplies we offer because we know the pride our customers take in all they do.

Whether you’re a green thumb looking to protect your plants before winter or a distributor looking to stock your shelves with high quality products, Eaton Brothers gets to know your unique needs and finds a solution that will help you grow.

We work closely with customers – big and small – to provide new products, streamlined ordering and first-in-class customer service.

Product Categories

From tree guards to garden stakes to burlap pacs, Eaton Brothers has a lineup of bulk landscape supplies to fit your unique needs.

Treekote Tree Wrap | Paper Tree Wrap | Tree Trunk Wrap | Protective Tree Wrap

Tree Care

Top quality care solutions to help you grow, treat and protect the trees on your property.

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Tree Stake Kit | Tree Support Stakes | Hardwood Tree Stakes | Large Tree Stakes

Hardwood Stakes

A selection of hardwood stakes that can help train the growth of trees or mark out designated areas.

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Opinel Garden Knife Trio | Opinel Garden Knife Set | Garden Knife Set | Eaton Brothers

Pruning & Grafting Tools

Tools to improve the health, growth and visual appeal of shrubs and trees.

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Craft Twine | 3 Ply Jute Twine | Jute Twine Roll | Braided Jute Roll


A selection of twine to tie and support plants, designate plant rows, hang vegetables to dry or finish off a crafting project.

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Burlap Bags For Plants | Large Burlap Bags | Burlap Feed Bags | Burlap Jute Bags | Burlap Garden Bags


A selection of bags for uses throughout the garden, including plant protection, storing vegetables and leaves.

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3x24 Burlap Landscape Fabric | Burlap Fabric For Plants | Burlap Garden Fabric | Plant Fabric

Bulk Fabrics

Landscaping fabrics to be used for shrub and bush protection, erosion control and various other crafting needs.

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3 8 Soaker Hose Kit 200 ft | 3 8 Inch Soaker Hose | Bulk Soaker Hose 3 8 Inch | Bulk Soaker Hose | Soaker Hose Bulk

Soaker Hose

Bulk soaker hoses, individual fittings/accessories and complete starter kits to help you efficiently water your plants and garden beds.

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Welcome Resellers!

If you are a distributor or garden center owner, Eaton Brothers is here to help! With four decades of experience, we know what it takes to produce and deliver the industry’s best bulk landscape supplies.

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