15psi Pressure Regulator

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  • Precise pressure regulation: Our 15 psi pressure regulator is specifically designed for drip irrigation and soaker hose systems to regulate the water pressure to a constant 15 psi, ensuring accurate water delivery to each plant with minimum waste of water.
  • Easy installation: Easy to fit any 3/4 inch hose thread connections that can be incorporated into most drip irrigation systems.
  • Durable material: Made from high-strength, UV-resistant plastic materials that provide longevity to the device in even the toughest outdoor environments.
  • Reduced water waste: A regulated pressure will prevent water from escaping too quickly or forcefully from the system, reducing the risk of water waste and run off.
  • Longer system life: By reducing the amount of pressure in the system, you will extend the life of your soaker hose and prevent blow-outs. 
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