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Trees may require repair for a variety of reasons. There’s weather damage, including hurricane damage, rodent destruction, insect invasion and open wounds that could all cause significant damage to your tree.

Doing the right things after you notice deterioration can make a huge difference in your tree’s survival.

Here are tree repair products that can help your tree bring beauty, tranquility, shade and value to your yard for years to come:

Treekote Tree Wound Dressing | Tree Wound Repair | Tree Wound Dressing | Wound Dressing For Trees | Aerosol Tree Wound DressingTreekote Wound Dressing

This dressing can be particularly effective in sealing tree wounds that may otherwise attract sap-feeding and bark beetles. These insects can spread diseases like oak wilt disease, which causes leaves to wilt and fall off, usually killing the tree. The spray should be applied in a thin layer to the affected area. When used within 3-days of the damage, it discourages beetles from landing on those areas.

Eaton Brothers offers it in aerosol and compound options. Both can be quickly applied with menial cleanup.

Paper Tree Wrap | Tree Wrap Paper | Tree Bark Wrapping Paper | Crepe Paper Tree WrapPaper Tree Wrap

As far as tree repair products go, it doesn’t get simpler or more affordable than paper tree wrap. It is particularly good in preventing further damage from sunscald, windburn, rodents and lawn trimmers. Tree wrap serves as a protective barrier for the trunk of trees.

Sunscald: This occurs when a tree is exposed to too much strong sunlight, which causes the outer layer of the bark to develop lesions or damaged spots that allow other diseases to enter a tree’s system. Wrapping the tree with tree wrap can minimize the direct heat from the sun, allowing the tree to warm at a rate that won’t damage the tree.

Windburn: Consistent and often cold wind exposure can cause the internal tissue of the bark to evaporate. This will leave the bark discolored. Wrapping the tree in tree wrap can act as a wind barrier for the tree, resulting in a slower loss of bark moisture.

Rodents: Mice, voles, squirrels and rabbits can damage your tree, if they eat the bark around the base. This damage can disfigure or eventually girdle the trunk. Wrapping the tree with tree wrap is a simple way to deter the critters from further nibbling.

Lawn trimmer: String trimmers and weed whackers used for grass near the trunk of trees can repeatedly nick that area eventually causing wounds to develop. Tree wrap can protect the trunk while serving as a reminder for you or your lawn care service to be more careful around that area.

Paper tree wrap is a crucial tree repair product because it can be an effective barrier to a variety of problems. It offers simple installation (start at the bottom and work your way up) and can quickly help you prevent further damage of this nature.

Carbon Steel Folding Saw

This is a lightweight and rugged option that is ideal for cutting branches up to 4 inches. Dead, dying or diseased branches can be removed to allow the tree to continue to grow in a healthier way. This type of pruning is recommended in mid to late winter. It will encourage new growth as soon as the weather warms.

With these tree repair products in your shed, you will be ready for most issues that could plague your tree. At Eaton Brothers, we take pride in offering these products because we know the pride you take in all you do.

Treekote Sticky Banding Gum

This sticky substance is an important tree repair product for its ability to deter further pest infestations. Pests include invasive species such as canker-worms, moth caterpillars and obscure root and pecan weevils.

Banding gum can be applied over a banding material (tree wrap) that is wrapped around the base of a tree.It will not run or dry once applied and also hold up in hot, cold, wet or dry conditions. This barrier effectively prevents crawling insects from migrating upwards on the tree.

Eaton Brothers also offers a Treekote Banding Kit, which includes one roll of Tree Wrap, one 15oz. container of Tree Banding Gum, and one applicator.

Tree Grafting Wax | Grafting Wax For Trees | Grafting Wax For Fruit Trees | Fruit Tree Grafting Wax | Treekote Grafting WaxTreekote Grafting Wax

This tree repair product is ideal for sealing wounds to prevent infection in newly grafted trees. The cut sections of the scion and the rootstock are delicate and prone to drying out. The grafting wax effectively seals in moisture for these areas. You can apply it warm with a brush. It will remain flexible and won’t wash away in the rain.