How to Install Weed Block Landscape Fabric Using Ground Staples

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Landscape fabric is an easy and effective way to prevent weeds from taking root in your garden, but one that relies heavily on its strategic and secure placement.

Ground staples are a critical tool in holding weed block landscape fabric firmly in place to eliminate potential gaps where nuisance sprouts could develop. Their proper installation involves a little planning and a little preparation, but will make a big difference in the overall tidiness of your garden.

Step 1: Measure the area.

To get a general idea of how much weed block landscape fabric and ground staples you will need, measure the garden bed to see your total surface area and purchase the appropriate amount.

Step 2: Prepare the bed.

Since the goal is weed prevention, you should remove any existing weeds with a garden hoe. All plant food and fertilizer should also be added before laying and securing the landscape fabric.

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Step 3: Lay the landscape fabric.

When laying weed block landscape fabric, it’s important to read the directions carefully to ensure you are putting the right side down on the garden bed. Then, the fabric should be evenly aligned throughout. If the area requires more than one sheet of fabric, make sure each section overlaps at 6 inches instead of cutting the fabric. Insufficient overlap can allow weeds to poke through the openings.

You can use stones or heavy objects to weigh the fabric down. The edges can be trimmed with scissors.

Step 4: Secure with ground staples.

With your weed block landscape fabric aligned and in place, you need to make sure it stays that way. Ground staples should be installed every 8 to 12 inches along the edges of the fabric and 12 inches apart in the center of the fabric. You may also want to use a staple when you cut a planting hole to ensure it doesn’t look baggy around the plant. Don’t skimp on the ground staples! The more secure the landscape fabric, the less chance for weeds to pop up.

To apply, slightly pinch the two prongs of the staple to keep tension, enabling it to stick in the ground better. Then use your hand to push the ground staples as far as you can into the soil, then use a hammer to finish the rest. Fabric should completely adhere to the soil surface and not be loose or flapping.

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Step 5: Say goodbye to pesky weeds.

Properly installed weed block landscape fabric is a simple way to fight off troublesome sprouts in your garden bed. It’s a breathable option that allows water, air and nutrients to get to your plants, but prevents weeds from germinating in the soil.

Eaton Brothers offers 4” or 6” ground staples. The 6” 11 gauge square top staples are ideal for landscape fabric and normal soil, while the 4” staples are a less expensive option and can be used for normal to hard soil.