How to Use a Soaker Hose for Foundation Watering

How To Use a Soaker Hose for Foundation | How to Install Soaker Hose for Foundation | Foundation Soaker Hose Installation | How Far to Put Soaker Hose from Foundation

Soaker hoses are already a secret weapon for home gardeners looking to more efficiently deliver water to a plant’s root zone. But the hose type can also be helpful for those looking to better protect their home’s foundation in areas where extreme heat and drought occur with heavy rainfall during other parts of the year.

What Does Water Have to Do With Foundation Damage?

The pores in soil act like a sponge. When soil is filled with water, it swells, and when it’s dry, it shrinks. This expansion and contraction of soil around and under your home moves the foundation up and down.

A soaker hose is an easy way to manage ground contraction. The hose’s pores will slowly release water. This maintains a consistent moisture level, which limits shrinking and overall movement in your foundation.

Is My Home Susceptible to Foundation Damage?

There are a couple of factors that can make your foundation susceptible to soil-related damage:

NOTE: No matter the conditions, your soil should be watered if you see the ground pull away from your home’s foundation.

How To Use Soaker Hose for Foundation | Soaker Hose Installation for Foundation | How Far Should Soaker Hose Be from Foundation | Watering Foundation with Soaker HoseHow to Use a Soaker Hose for Foundation Watering

First, never place the soaker hose directly next to the foundation of your home. This can cause water to pool around and under the foundation, which can result in swelling.

A soaker hose should be placed 20 to 24 inches away from the side of your home. The purpose is to keep the ground moist, but not soaking or muddy. If you notice this, try lowering the pressure. It is not recommended that you connect multiple soaker hoses together to prevent problems with non-uniform watering due to a typical loss of flow as the hose gets further away from the spigot.

Typically, you want to provide your foundation with one to two inches of water each week – especially if you live in the type of area described in this article. Watering should be done in the summer months between approximately May through October.

Foundation repairs can be expensive, but a soaker hose can help you establish a watering system that will maintain a constant level of moisture to prevent the expansion and contraction of soil around and under your home. Eaton Brothers now offers a line of soaker hoses. Explore the options today!