How Tree Shelters Help Young Trees

Tree Shelter | Tree Protection | Tree Trunk Protectors | Tree Bark Protectors | Eaton BrothersTree shelters, also known as tree protectors or tree tubes, offer an array of protection for vulnerable saplings and young trees. These shelters can also provide a mini-greenhouse effect that can stimulate early tree growth.

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Mice, voles, rabbits and squirrels all pose a significant threat to young trees. These critters feed on roots, bark, twigs, leaf buds and newly developed leaves, which can affect a tree’s development. For example, if too many roots are eaten, the tree will not be able to take up water and nutrients. And when leaves, buds or twigs are removed, new growth can be split into two new branches and cause a poor branching structure.

Protection against herbicides and pesticides

While herbicides and pesticides can be effective for controlling unwanted weeds, they can also cause damage to young trees. Damage symptoms can include deformed foliage (cupping, curling or twisting), stunted shoots of leaves, discolored foliage, leaf scorch and defoliation.

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Lawn mowers and weed trimmers can damage the bark layer of a young tree. Any type of damage or removal of the bark to this transport system can result in tree girdling, which can lead to the untimely death of the tree. These wounds can also be an opportunity for insects and diseases to enter the tree.

Improved tree growth

As mentioned, a tree shelter can provide a mini-greenhouse effect. This is because the shelter provides an ideal microclimate.The warmth, CO2 and light intensity allow sheltered seedlings to concentrate most of their energy on height growth, not on roots or stem diameter.

Eaton Brothers offers the Tree and Shrub Defender Pro. It features a unique ‘no ties’ securing system with perforated lines allowing the shelter to split as the tree grows.

You can also choose the Plant Knight Tree and Plant Protector. This features a breathable, open mesh design that allows ventilation for sun, water, and air to reach the plant. The tree shelters can be used individually or can be connected together to surround larger diameter plants.

Tree shelters should be installed after seeds or seedlings have been planted.