Natural Jute Twine: Your Garden’s Swiss Army Knife

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Jute twine is a soft, natural fiber made from corchorus (jute) plants that is woven into dense thread. It may not look like much but it’s a reliable and inexpensive tool that can be a big help in your garden.

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Plant Support

Tall garden plants (tomatoes, peppers etc.) can easily fall over without the proper support. A jute twine roll is essential in attaching the plant to a sturdy garden stake.

A stake should be driven into the ground next to the plant (about 3 to 4 inches from the main stem). Then, wrap the jute twine twice around the stake and the main stem about 6 inches above the ground. It should be wrapped loose, but firm enough to keep the twine fastened. You can continue this at 1-foot intervals as the plant grows. A single jute twine roll should last you a couple of growing seasons.


Making Straight Garden Rows

A jute twine roll can also be used to make straight rows in your garden. This will keep your plants in organized lines and make it easier to identify the plants as they grow.

You can do this by driving garden stakes on opposite ends of your desired section, then tie twine between the two stakes to draw a straight line. Twine should be pulled tight with no slack. You can repeat this as needed for your garden.


Training Branches3 Ply Jute Twine | Jute Twine For Sale | Natural Jute Twine | Eaton Brothers

A training method called, espalier, can be done using a jute twine roll. This technique is commonly used when you’d like to train a tree to grow in a tight space such as against a wall, fence or other structure. The tree’s branches are secured to a ‘espalier,’ which is a freestanding trellis or support system, to encourage them to grow within your specific pattern or design.


Hanging Purposes

A jute twine roll can be helpful when hanging onions, garlic or different types of herbs. Hanging these items can encourage these items to last longer.

For example, once your garlic has grown and been pulled from the ground, you can begin curing it. This is the process of letting your garlic dry in preparation for long-term storage. To do so, you can gather your garlic into bunches, tie the leaves together with jute twine and hang them from their stems to dry. If you’re ambitious, you can also braid the leaves of the garlic for a more attractive appearance.

A jute twine roll can also be used to hang planters or other decorative baskets in your garden.


Bundle Tying

A jute twine roll is handy when tying just about anything in your garden. From gifting flowers in a tidy bundle to managing fallen branches, jute twine can hold a variety of items in a neat bunch.


Miscellaneous Crafting

Of course, a jute twine roll can be used well beyond your garden too. You can add it as a rustic element on gift packages, scrapbooks, cards and more!

A jute twine roll can really become your best friend in the garden! Take advantage of its low cost and high returns. Eaton Brothers offer 3-ply, all-natural jute twine in a 219’ spool length. It is available in green and natural colors. Buy yours today!

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