Soaker Hose vs. Drip Irrigation

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Planting your own flowers and vegetables can be highly rewarding, but it’s a hobby that requires lots of sunlight and consistent watering. While we can’t control the sun, homeowners have a choice when it comes to how water gets delivered to their flower beds and vegetable gardens.

The two most popular options are a soaker hose or drip irrigation system.

A soaker hose is a porous low-pressure garden hose made from recycled materials. These pores allow water to slowly escape from the hose, which lets water soak into the ground where it is needed most.

Drip irrigation dribbles out tiny quantities of water using pipes called “pipelines” that are attached to a water source. The entire system includes in-line filters, a pressure regulator, a backflow-preventer, and a timer in tandem with the tubing and emitters. It ultimately provides steady soaking in specific places.

While both efficiently deliver water to the base of the plant and save the homeowner considerable time performing the chore, a soaker hose offers more upside especially for those with small- to mid-sized gardens.

Soaker Hose vs Drip | Soaker Hose vs Dripline | Soaker Hose vs Drip Irrigation for Raised Beds | Soaker Hoses vs Drip IrrigationWhy Soaker Hoses Are The Better Choice for Your Garden

In the soaker hose vs. drip irrigation battle, we tend to favor the soaker hose.

More Affordable

Soaker hoses are less expensive to purchase than a drip irrigation system. Plus, they don’t require additional equipment to set up. More on that next!

Easy Installation

No special equipment is necessary to introduce a soaker hose to your garden. It easily attaches to your outdoor spigot and is even easier to configure into the shapes and areas using our landscape staples and fittings. You can then place it and not need to move it (unless you need coverage in multiple areas).

A drip irrigation system not only costs more upfront, but is difficult to bend and place into a configuration that fits your specific garden. Drip irrigation also requires hose, emitters, filter and flow and backflow regulators.

Saves Water

When you water by hand, you’re likely using more water than necessary and most doesn’t even reach the root system. Instead, it lands on the leaves, where it may cause mold and rot.

A soaker hose allows for water to seep out slowly for a deep soaking in the area that needs it most. It keeps the ground moist but the leaves of plants remain dry and fungal-free.

No Clogging

Depending on the source of your water, a soaker hose also poses little risk of clogging, which allows efficient delivery and absorption of water right to the root zone.

The emitters on a drip irrigation system can clog over time, requiring frequent inspection and maintenance.

Ideal for Flat Surfaces

This option is well-suited for flat surfaces where you can snake the hose through planter beds.

A soaker hose is a strong fit for smaller gardens on level ground. They offer an inexpensive start-up cost and are extremely easy to install with less headaches down the line too! We offer a variety of soaker hoses. Search our selection today!