The Many Uses of Burlap Landscape Fabric

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Burlap landscape fabric may be most known as an easy and effective form of weed prevention, but its uses go well beyond that.

You can step up your garden game by using burlap landscape fabric for:

Garden Cloth Cover Plants | Loose Weave Burlap Fabric | Open Weave Burlap Fabric | Burlap Fabric RollMulch Replacement

Much like mulch, burlap landscape fabric can give your garden bed a clean and polished appearance. It also allows moisture through, which makes it a great all-season alternative. You can put a single layer down or double it up. Water will still seep through, but it won’t evaporate as quickly. Soil temperature will be maintained without heating up too much as well.

Sun Cover

The coarse weave and natural color of burlap landscape fabric makes it an ideal shade cover for plants that see consistent hot, dry weather. For vegetable gardens, you can build a 4-sided frame with wooden stakes and drape the burlap landscape fabric directly over it and fasten with staples.

Burlap Garden Fabric | Burlap Type Fabric | Hemp Burlap Fabric | Eaton BrothersAnimal Control

Burlap landscape fabric  can be used as a barricade to nibbling critters like rabbits and deer. You will need to build that same 4-sided frame around the plant, but make sure it is large enough that the fabric won’t touch the plants. It also needs to be tall enough to stop the animals from crossing over it.


Plant Baskets and Containers

You can easily elevate a simple coco liner container with burlap landscape fabric for a more rustic look. Once your liner is filled with soil and your choice of plant or flower, you can simply place it on the burlap landscape fabric and pull all four corners of the fabric over the plants. Then you will need to tie a thick decorative ribbon around it and cut the excess burlap landscape fabric. Voila! You breathed new life into a drab liner.

Plant Fabric | Burlap Fabric For Plants | Burlap Feed Sack Fabric | Linen Burlap FabricWinter Protection

Wrapping plants in burlap landscape fabric is a basic way to protect plants from colder weather. You can place three or four wooden stakes around the plant, leaving a few inches of space between the two. Then, wrap a double layer of burlap landscape fabric around the stakes.

Countless Crafts

Burlap landscape fabric can be an accent to several garden crafts. You can cut it and add it as a bow to a wreath, use it as a base for a hanging pocket planter or wrap existing terracotta pots with it. The options to add pizzazz are endless!

Now that you know how to stretch your burlap landscape fabric even further, you can stock up with Eaton Brothers. We offer Burlap Pac, a medium-weave 7 oz. burlap, and an extra wide Burlap Tall Pac. Bulk burlap is also available in 5 oz., 7 oz. and 10 oz. options (the higher the weight, the tighter the weave).