Treekote Grafting Kit


Interested in grafting but don’t know where to start? Our kit can help your budding interest, and includes a 4oz. tin of grafting wax, one roll of grafting tape and one Opinel billhook grafting knife with detailed instructions. Ideal for use on rose bushes, fruit trees, vineyards, saplings and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Great for beginners and experts alike: Includes everything you need to graft a rose bush, fruit tree, vineyards, saplings and more
  • Easy to Use: Our grafting kit has been designed and refined to be as user friendly as it gets. Instructions inside the kit can guide you through a variety of grafting methods, depending on your medium.
  • Premium Treekote Grafting Wax: Seals in moisture and remains rigid after application to hold grafts in place. 
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