Rainbow Tree Watering Bag – 19 Gallon

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The Rainbow Tree Watering Bag is the ideal irrigation system for planting and nurturing shade trees. Water will slowly release and equally disperse on the soil around the tree during a period of 6-10 hours, enabling healthy root development.

Our tree bag has a maximum water storage capacity of around 19 gallons. Eaton Brothers recommends a twice-weekly refill of the bag.


  1. Wrap around tree stem, with zippers on the uphill side of trees.
  2. Zip both sides together from bottom to top.
  3. Fill bag to 25% capacity.
  4. Lift up straps at the top of bag to expand.
  5. Fill to desired level.
  6. Repeat twice weekly.

Features and Benefits

  • Large Capacity: Bag will hold up to 19 gallons of water to maximize your tree watering needs
  • Slow Drain: The slow and controlled irrigation allows a better saturation of waters, promoting the deep growth of the tree roots
  • Easy to Use: Wrap bag around the trunk, tighten the zipper and pour water in it
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