1/4 Inch Soaker Hose Fittings

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A ¼” soaker hose fitting can help you establish a new soaker hose system layout or expand an existing one. The below fitting options give you the ability to customize an irrigation system that’s perfect for your specific watering needs. The female fitting attaches to the water source, while the male end simply pushes into your soaker hose.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Install: Fittings easily attach and remove
  • Sturdy Construction: Made from high quality plastic material to prevent leaking
  • Versatile Uses: Standard 1/4″ fitting for all types of garden hoses faucets and watering devices pressure washers and garden hose connectors

Fitting Types

  • Barbed Faucet Connector: This barbed female fitting connects male 1/4-inch hose end to standard 3/4-inch hose faucet end
  • Coupling: 1/4-inch female barbed coupling connects two 1/4-inch male hose ends together
  • Tee: 1/4-inch female barbed tee connects three 1/4-inch male hose ends together in a tee shape
  • Elbow: 90-degree female barbed elbow connecting two 1/4-inch male hose ends together
  • Cross: 1/4-inch female barbed cross connects four 1/4-inch male hose ends together
  • Endcap: 1/4-inch female barbed end cap for use on 1/4-inch male hose end
  • Kit Bundle: Includes 1/4-inch female hose thread to barbed tubing adapter, three tees, four end plugs, three elbows and four couplings
  • In-Line Valve: Includes ball Valve and 1/4-inch adapters on either side.
  • 1/4in to 3/4in Male Hose Thread: for connecting soaker hose to standard garden hose or 3/4″ female end.
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