Tree Care

Grow and protect trees with these top quality care solutions.

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Tree Protection

Vinyl Tree Guards

Helps protect trees against accidental damage, line trimmers, sever frost, rodents and deer.

Clark’s Tree Wrap

Protects your trees from sunscald, severe frosts, rodents, windburn and lawn trimmers. Preserves moisture content of bark and excessive dripping.

Grafting Wax & Complete Grafting

Ideal for glueing or sealing wounds to prevent infection in newly grafted trees or shrubs. Warm before using, apply with a brush. It will remain flexible after application and won’t wash away in the rain.

Nurserymen’s & Grafting Tape

Used to bandage tree wounds, seal grafts and keep grafts safe. Each roll is 3/4″ wide by 60 yards long. Tape expands to accommodate growth of the grafted area, allowing for the correct moisture content, but should be removed after area is completely healed.

Tree Stake Kit

Everything needed to protect a young tree from wind and storm damage. Each kit contains three notched, pointed hardwood stakes, 3 – 10” polystraps, and 30’ of galvanized wire. Packaged in its own shelf display. Components are also available separately.


Treekote Tree Wound Dressing

Protect your shrubs, bushes, vines and trees from decay, insects and fungi. Withstands all weather: hot, cold, wet and dry. Dressing also used to shield tree wounds, in tree surgery, propagating orchids and after grafting.

Proven to help prevent the spread of disease and increase wound closure. Convenient to use, easy cleanup and minimum waste. Made in the USA.

Treekote Tree Banding Gum

Provides an effective barrier against crawling insects such as gypsy moth, tent caterpillars, ants, obscure root and pecan weevils, tussock moth caterpillars, climbing cutworms and canker-worms, among others. Made in the USA.

Gum can also be used in your garden to help protect vegetables from crawling insect pests without using chemicals.

Tree Accessories

Aglok and ProLock Chain Ties

Tree Straps

Wire Coils

Rubber Hose